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Our Book Swap Boxes are the most adaptable resource to get children loving reading and to help them to find that one book that makes them tick.


Join me on my mission to help children to find that one book that really makes little ones tick and gets them hooked on books. Introduce a Book Swap Box to make it even easier for children to access a wide range of books to help them along their reading journey.


Book Swapping makes books accessible to all children whilst also being a fabulous way to introduce children to the idea of reusing and recycling. All children need is just one book to have access to a whole world of stories and adventures without spending a penny.


A Book Swap Box is a sturdy wooden box stashed with 10 gorgeous preloved books handpicked for your audience. Children bring books from home making sure they follow the fair swap rules to swap for a book in the Book Swap Box.


Once you have introduced your box it will pretty much run itself with a little care and tidy up from now and then making it the perfect reading initiative for a busy classroom. Each box comes with promotional materials to promote your box in your setting along with my top tip bookmarks and stickers to label up your book swap books.


Book Swap Boxes are perfect for classrooms, playgroups, cafes – really, anywhere that children are! Start your children on their Book Swapping journey and help get them totally hooked on books.

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