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What a Load of Junk

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My author dreams started to become more of a reality during the first lockdown inspired by my go to activity Junk Modelling.


Junk modelling brings endless fun for little ones and the absolute bonus for grown ups is that it is so quick, and easy to set up you can grab a hot brew…winner winner!


The idea started to take shape and the aim became so clear to teach, inspire and empower children to be more conscious of how they can help to reduce waste and to start seeing junk in a different way.

What a Load of Junk helps children to see junk in a different way, along with the help of a bunch of super cute characters it shows children how to use their wonderful imaginations and awesome creative skills to reuse and recycle junk into something new.

It can be that go to book for those children who might just need a little help or inspiration to get started on their next junk project and to help teach all children about reusing and recycling.

I would love to see ‘What a load of Junk’ in classrooms, nurseries and in homes inspiring children to get turning that junk into something new while also empowering and encouraging our little ones to do their bit to look after the wonderful world we live in.

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