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The newest Hooks into Books products are story-inspired play and craft boxes which are filled with activities that not only get your little ones totally hooked on books, but also keep them super busy and active with crafts and play.


Each box is themed and inspired by a gorgeous preloved story.


You might choose a Hooks into Dinosaur Books box, with roaring stomping dinosaur adventures or, a magical underwater mermaid adventure with our Hooks into Mermaid Books box.

Whatever you choose, you're sure to find a box that will capture your child's imagination, help them to get totally lost in a story and to keep the magic of the story going with a box full of story-inspired activities.


Also, if you have the books already shown below, please do get in touch and we'll search for an alternative we might just have in stock.

The best bit for busy grown-ups? Each box comes with everything you need to complete the activities. There is no preparation needed - just open the box and get stuck in. 


Now for the tricky bit - which one will you choose? 

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